Saturday, May 1, 2010

Impacts arising from the Use of Leeches Oil

Leeches contain "hirudin" an enzyme which is used as a blood thinner, if there is a problem of frozen blood frozen blood inside the channel. Not leech oil material containing the enzyme and if leeches are used in the dabs of oil into the penis with the aim to enlarge the penis is obviously misguided ways, because of the "hirudin" as a material to melt the frozen blood and not bringing up the penis tissue.

Today many creams & oils containing leeches sold via the internet for penis enlargement purposes. There was never a study of it can raise the size of the penis so its use will be in vain! Although there may be writing the original leeches oil.

Traders drug use myths to profit by selling oil because of the ignorance many men leeches. Usually purchase Leech OIL (oil leeches) are accompanied by technical usage, well this is the secret "technique" that actually can enlarge corpora cavernosa cells, so it is not oil, but unfortunately these techniques are given by amateurs, made homemade, very bad, as long as duplicate METHOD FOR FREE and of course very limited training techniques so the results are obviously in vain, and you will continue to buy oil dependent leech and similar drugs.

Sex using leeches oil in the penis with a strong purpose of sex is a very dangerous way if the pair is easy moist vagina, will disrupt the use of leeches oil in the vaginal environment and cause changes in the germs of "good" in the vagina and indirectly causing germs " pathogens "(bad bacteria) breed in the vagina.

If vaginal dryness, you should use water-based lubricant is easily soluble in water (not oil Leech / Leech oil) and that does not interfere with germs "good" that already exist in the vagina, there is no good for the vagina with the use of leeches and of course oil not good for your health and dangerous because if the infected partner will be very DANGEROUS for content! Your penis will experience bad side effects if it leeches oil you are using still contain bacteria / germs harmful (especially not registered by the Department of Health), which can lead to impotence, penis irritation to dangerous infections in certain periods.

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