Saturday, May 8, 2010

Parenting children with appropriate and effective

Parenting children with appropriate and effective
To the parents is very important to understand how well the following parenting tips for parents of small to be more creative in parenting:

1. should foster a dynamic pattern
why? Because the pattern of care should be in line with the increasing growth and development of children. For example, the implementation of child care for toddlers is different from the pattern of care for school age children. The reason is the ability to think the toddler's still simple, so care must be accompanied by communication patterns that are not long-winded in a language that is easily understood.

2. In accordance with the pattern of care should be child's needs and abilities
this should be done because every child has different interests and talents. Shanty estimate at the age of one year, the potential of children have started to be seen. For example, when your child listens to music, why he seemed more interested than his age. Could be, he does have the potential of musical intelligence. Now, if parents already have a picture of the potential children, then he needs to be directed and facilitated.

In addition to physical needs, parents also must meet the psychological needs of children. Physical touches, such as embracing, kissing cheeks, embracing with affection, will make the children happy so that they can make private growing mature. Parents know more about her own child than a baby sitter.

3. Mother and father should be compact
my father and mother should apply the same care pattern. In this case, both parents should "compromise" in a set of values is not permissible. Do not let the old man across from each other because it will only make the children confused. My father and mother are the best caregivers than even a professional sitter.

4. Ways to teach positive behavior must be accompanied by parents
Implementation also requires a pattern of care, positive attitudes of parents so they can serve as an example / role model for children. Embed these good values along with an explanation that is easily understood. Later, children can be expected that people who have good rules and norms, filial and became his friend and role model for others.

5. Effective Communication
Effective communication can be said is a sub-part of effective parenting. Effectively communicate the requirements to a simple one, namely spare time to chat with children. Be a good listener and do not underestimate the child's opinion. Open land is always discussion about the various things I want to know the child. Do not consider his young age makes it so did not know anything. In each discussion, parents can give suggestions, feedback, or stretch the wrong opinion of the child so the child can develop a more focused and with maximum potential.

6. Discipline
Discipline also became part of parenting. Start with small things and simple. For example, to clean the room before going to school or keep something in place neatly. Because of that, children also need to be taught to make the daily schedule so they can more regularly and effectively manage its operations. However, discipline should be flexible and tailored to the needs / condition of the child. Children with the condition of fatigue, for instance, do not necessarily

asked to do a school assignment only because when it is time to learn.

7. Consistent Parents
Parents also can apply the consistency of attitudes, for example, children should not drink cold water when she was attacked by a cough. But if the child was in good health so okay. From there he studied for consistency against something. The important thing every rule should be accompanied by an explanation that children can understand why it should not, why it should. Over time, children will understand or get used and which ones should not. Parents should also be consistent. Do not let others words with deeds. For example, a father or mother to drink cold water even when sick and coughing.