Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tips How to Choose a Healthy Vegetables

Tips How to Choose a Healthy Vegetables
Once the important benefits of vegetables for your health, but how to choose a healthy and fresh vegetables for your consumption. Here are some tips on how to choose healthy vegetables that may be useful.

Leaf vegetables
• the leaves are fresh, not blurry or not colored yellow.
• Healthy and intact leaves, no spots or holes.
• Not too old leaf texture indicated no clay.
• Bone leaves were evident.
• Trunk fresh leaves and easily broken.

Fruit Vegetables
• Fruit intact, not broken or bruised.
• The fruit does not look soft or rough, not watery, and do not decay.
• For tomatoes and peppers are fully ripe should be selected.
• As for vegetables, peas, long beans or green beans e.g., select a young, dark-green color of pods, the boundary between the seed pods have not looked at the clear, and the shape of cylindrical pods.

Tuber vegetables
• the skin is not bruised or injured tubers.
• No holes, no software, and not watery.
• To select a potato tuber is not notched.
• Garlic and onions, choose a not too dry, not too wet or fresh (not wrinkles).
• As for vegetables carrot type, selected the young, bright orange with a little more clearly visible white layer on the skin surface, the curve of the tubers had formed fine roots, and does not feel soft when held.

Edible flower
• for broccoli, choose a brightly colored flowers, not wilting, flower color (depends on variety), which are green, light green, purple or white. Flower heads are composed of bolls flowers in a compact, medium thick flesh flower stalks.
• For the cauliflower, select flowers that are still fresh. Cauliflower flowers composed of a series of small flowers have their own varieties. To the extent possible select the green stalks that are still young, short, finely fibrous, dense, thick and fleshy.

Young stem vegetables
• to select the asparagus, should be selected that are still green, fresh bamboo shoots, and large with a length of 25-35 cm.
• While selecting mushrooms. Choose mushrooms that its surface soft, clean / not many spots and is still intact / not clipped.

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