Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glossary of words or meaning of Feng Shui

Let's try to review the study of Feng Shui that has been there. Feng Shui for Modern Thought has spawned a variety of methods and specific regulations. Some people prefer to apply a more traditional Feng Shui is based on history and tradition of ancient Chinese society.

There are also people who prefer to apply Feng Shui intuitive, more can be said as a result of development in modern times. Of Feng Shui are more override rules and traditions from the past and let their intuition as a major benchmark in the works. There is still debate about where Feng Shui is more precise, between the modern Feng Shui is too open, or traditional Feng Shui that is too rigid.

What is feng shui? Feng Shui is is one of the many ancient Chinese secrets. Literally, Feng Shui can be interpreted as "wind and water". Feng Shui is believed to be a science that builds harmony between the sky [astrological] and earth [geological], which will be used to obtain the virtues of life [Qi]. The Ancients believed that the Qi can be carried through the wind / air [Feng], and disseminated through it, but Qi will dissolve when brought into contact with water [Shui].

Furthermore, Feng Shui is known as a technique / method of settlement of buildings based on astronomy in order to maximize the ability of a person's life. But in the original, Feng Shui is a method for choosing where to live [live] and also select the area to cultivate profitable business, which in ancient times continued also to agriculture. Because, basically, choosing a good place to reside will have an impact on aspects of your life such as health, prosperity, romance, etc...

If you think it's just superstition, or even has a mystical power, try to think like this: If we believe that what we think is what will happen, then get rid of all superstition and such a statement. As an example of "walking under a ladder or saw a black cat will bring bad luck to you." It would not bring bad luck. But, if you believe that these things will bring bad luck to you, consciously or unconsciously you will attract bad luck that into you.

So, if you believe that the selection of residence and the election will affect your work on all aspects of life, so why not learn to apply the principles of Feng Shui into your life? Feng Shui is trying to eliminate all obstacles in our lives in a way that is very easy. You may need to rearrange your furniture placement, or maybe something like a crystal hung in the corner. Often, the actions you need to do are realistic / logical.

We give you an example, if you move a chair blocking the main door. It makes the room more energy, because the seats that inhibit the flow of energy have been removed. When you create positive energy that flows well, the flow of energy will be a benefit to you in various aspects in a positive way.

But, have you ever felt discomfort when in a room furniture placement is not well ordered? Or how the color of the room makes you feel depressed? With Feng Shui principles, you can overcome these obstacles with ease.

The flow of positive energy flowing in our house will soon affect our lives. The advantage that feels can take the form of improved health and relationships, developing creativity, reduced depression, feel more alive, feeling more secure, and also of course a better financial status.

Then, if Feng Shui can make you rich? I am sure, that life will not be as easy as that statement. But, definitely, if you apply Feng Shui in your life and supported appropriately concentrated thought, be assured that it can give a lot of changes in your life - one of them could mean an increase in your prosperity!

Some sources, books, certain websites stating that if you set Feng Shui in your life, then you will be successful. But Feng Shui is not just merely a matter of wealth. Feng Shui talks about creating an environment where positive energy can flow both in order to improve living standards in various aspects.

Feng shui will not bring negative influences into your life! This is definitely something, unless you mistakenly interpret the principles of Feng Shui into it. Or you need proper guidance to apply Feng Shui? You can contact the consultant for this issue. Have you ever heard statements like "the column / pillar that was in the middle of the hall / road [which cannot be transferred] will impede the flow of energy flowing, and can cause"?
Such stories can create misunderstandings if you’re wrong interpretation. If you are affected by these stories, you'll always picture with the problem. Mind will stimulate the body, which will affect your health!

Feng Shui sees us as one part of the universe. It means how you organize yourself and the environment in order to be with your life. If you follow the existing flow of energy in the universe, the harmony of your life was going to be running smoothly - in line with the universe.


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