Thursday, May 6, 2010

Become a master of professional Ceremony

Become a master of professional CeremonyMC stands for Master of Ceremonies. It means "ruler of the event", host of the show, controlling the show, host, organizing the event, or master of ceremonies. MC acts as a "host" (host) an event or activity / performance. He announced the composition of the show and introducing people who would appear to fill the event. He is also responsible for ensuring the event went well and on time, as well as festive or solemn from beginning to end.

Do not equate MC with the protocol / protocol. They are different. MC is a part of protocol activities. MC is the host that served to control the proceedings. While the protocol is a good event, especially formal occasions, such as events involving the state or state officials; setting the whole operation from beginning to end.

In fact, there is precedence of his law, namely Law No. 8 Year 1989. Mentioned, the protocol is a set of rules in the event of state or official events. Rules include:

(A) Procedure-Place where the sort order for state officials, government officials, and community leaders in the event of state or official events;

(B) Procedures Ceremony - such as corporate flags, national anthems, ceremonial clothing, etc.; and

(C) Good-tribute tribute to someone, the national flag, national anthem, and so forth.

How do I become MC's wedding for example? In general, a MC should ideally have a performance (appearance), the one pleasing to the eye and pleasant to hear her voice.

A good MC has a pleasant voice, natural (not artificial), or fair; have a clear and powerful vocals; attention to intonation, accentuation, and articulation; also has a "Microphone Voice", which sounds good to hear after the appliance loudspeakers.

Of course, one must speak fluent MC. The principle of speaking for an MC is formulated in "BCAE Formula", ie: Briefs - Brief, straight to the heart (straight to the point), not long-winded; Clear - clear, direct sense, not confusing, pronunciation, word for word is clearly ; Audible - Can be heard with a good, powerful, and Ease - Current, flowing.

Eloquence one of the factors is broad-minded. Particularly related to the theme of the event, so it can provide a compelling introduction and generate interest. Do not forget, MC is the "entertainer" as well. Therefore he should be humorous. Thus, he will be able to refresh the atmosphere with a joke-joke that entertains the audience.

Duties and role of MC is very vital and weight, one of them is MC wedding. He must ensure the event runs smoothly, on time. Announcing the event or the composition of the event which will run. Should know the whole event, which will take place. Attract the attention of the audience to follow the proceedings from beginning to end. Structuring the event well and coordinate with the committee. Checking your speakers (microphone) or sound-system to function properly. Check the readiness of the event and the presence of important people who will be performing and attending. Concentrate on listening to a detailed course of events. Controlling the time for the event run in accordance with the allocations set time.

MC was the one who 'introduced the speakers' (introducing of the speaker) or filler events before they appear on the podium and the introductory material to be conveyed.

MC was the first person, and the only person who is entitled to open the event or speak the "official" told the audience. Do not forget, because MC is the first person to speak in an event, the MC should introduce yourself to the audience. "Introduce yourself, even if you think everyone should know who you are," said in "Being a Master of Ceremony".


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