Saturday, May 8, 2010

Parenting children with appropriate and effective

Parenting children with appropriate and effective
To the parents is very important to understand how well the following parenting tips for parents of small to be more creative in parenting:

1. should foster a dynamic pattern
why? Because the pattern of care should be in line with the increasing growth and development of children. For example, the implementation of child care for toddlers is different from the pattern of care for school age children. The reason is the ability to think the toddler's still simple, so care must be accompanied by communication patterns that are not long-winded in a language that is easily understood.

2. In accordance with the pattern of care should be child's needs and abilities
this should be done because every child has different interests and talents. Shanty estimate at the age of one year, the potential of children have started to be seen. For example, when your child listens to music, why he seemed more interested than his age. Could be, he does have the potential of musical intelligence. Now, if parents already have a picture of the potential children, then he needs to be directed and facilitated.

In addition to physical needs, parents also must meet the psychological needs of children. Physical touches, such as embracing, kissing cheeks, embracing with affection, will make the children happy so that they can make private growing mature. Parents know more about her own child than a baby sitter.

3. Mother and father should be compact
my father and mother should apply the same care pattern. In this case, both parents should "compromise" in a set of values is not permissible. Do not let the old man across from each other because it will only make the children confused. My father and mother are the best caregivers than even a professional sitter.

4. Ways to teach positive behavior must be accompanied by parents
Implementation also requires a pattern of care, positive attitudes of parents so they can serve as an example / role model for children. Embed these good values along with an explanation that is easily understood. Later, children can be expected that people who have good rules and norms, filial and became his friend and role model for others.

5. Effective Communication
Effective communication can be said is a sub-part of effective parenting. Effectively communicate the requirements to a simple one, namely spare time to chat with children. Be a good listener and do not underestimate the child's opinion. Open land is always discussion about the various things I want to know the child. Do not consider his young age makes it so did not know anything. In each discussion, parents can give suggestions, feedback, or stretch the wrong opinion of the child so the child can develop a more focused and with maximum potential.

6. Discipline
Discipline also became part of parenting. Start with small things and simple. For example, to clean the room before going to school or keep something in place neatly. Because of that, children also need to be taught to make the daily schedule so they can more regularly and effectively manage its operations. However, discipline should be flexible and tailored to the needs / condition of the child. Children with the condition of fatigue, for instance, do not necessarily

asked to do a school assignment only because when it is time to learn.

7. Consistent Parents
Parents also can apply the consistency of attitudes, for example, children should not drink cold water when she was attacked by a cough. But if the child was in good health so okay. From there he studied for consistency against something. The important thing every rule should be accompanied by an explanation that children can understand why it should not, why it should. Over time, children will understand or get used and which ones should not. Parents should also be consistent. Do not let others words with deeds. For example, a father or mother to drink cold water even when sick and coughing.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Preparation Trick Catering and Weddings

Preparation Trick Catering and Weddings
Many of us are making plans as important as a wedding party. And 30-50 percent of your budget spent on the reception, choose a good wedding caterer is a must

- The first step
before you start looking for wedding catering, you have already set the reception venue, date and time for sure. Sometimes there are also providing catering services if you hire a wedding reception venue building. While you are catering to decide which one will you use, also ask for recommendations from friends or family

- Know your Budget
To decide on a catering budget of your wedding, you ask yourself how important the role of foods and beverages in your marriage. Because there are different types of reception you should pay attention

Wedding Catering costs are determined by the number of invited guests, the number of types of foods and drinks that you choose, and how the dishes will be presented, as well as how well these catering expertise

- Find out by phone
before you spend the time to ask directly, ask
Tricks of preparation for the Catering and Weddings

some basic questions over the phone. Normally, some catering menu offers a package, ask about this, too, and if you do not want to use the package you can ask what facilities can be found with a budget that you have

- Sampled
There are some wedding catering services that give you an example on the menu, but there is also provided samples at the time you've agreed on cooperation. Find references about wedding catering services you'll use including menus they offer


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Become a master of professional Ceremony

Become a master of professional CeremonyMC stands for Master of Ceremonies. It means "ruler of the event", host of the show, controlling the show, host, organizing the event, or master of ceremonies. MC acts as a "host" (host) an event or activity / performance. He announced the composition of the show and introducing people who would appear to fill the event. He is also responsible for ensuring the event went well and on time, as well as festive or solemn from beginning to end.

Do not equate MC with the protocol / protocol. They are different. MC is a part of protocol activities. MC is the host that served to control the proceedings. While the protocol is a good event, especially formal occasions, such as events involving the state or state officials; setting the whole operation from beginning to end.

In fact, there is precedence of his law, namely Law No. 8 Year 1989. Mentioned, the protocol is a set of rules in the event of state or official events. Rules include:

(A) Procedure-Place where the sort order for state officials, government officials, and community leaders in the event of state or official events;

(B) Procedures Ceremony - such as corporate flags, national anthems, ceremonial clothing, etc.; and

(C) Good-tribute tribute to someone, the national flag, national anthem, and so forth.

How do I become MC's wedding for example? In general, a MC should ideally have a performance (appearance), the one pleasing to the eye and pleasant to hear her voice.

A good MC has a pleasant voice, natural (not artificial), or fair; have a clear and powerful vocals; attention to intonation, accentuation, and articulation; also has a "Microphone Voice", which sounds good to hear after the appliance loudspeakers.

Of course, one must speak fluent MC. The principle of speaking for an MC is formulated in "BCAE Formula", ie: Briefs - Brief, straight to the heart (straight to the point), not long-winded; Clear - clear, direct sense, not confusing, pronunciation, word for word is clearly ; Audible - Can be heard with a good, powerful, and Ease - Current, flowing.

Eloquence one of the factors is broad-minded. Particularly related to the theme of the event, so it can provide a compelling introduction and generate interest. Do not forget, MC is the "entertainer" as well. Therefore he should be humorous. Thus, he will be able to refresh the atmosphere with a joke-joke that entertains the audience.

Duties and role of MC is very vital and weight, one of them is MC wedding. He must ensure the event runs smoothly, on time. Announcing the event or the composition of the event which will run. Should know the whole event, which will take place. Attract the attention of the audience to follow the proceedings from beginning to end. Structuring the event well and coordinate with the committee. Checking your speakers (microphone) or sound-system to function properly. Check the readiness of the event and the presence of important people who will be performing and attending. Concentrate on listening to a detailed course of events. Controlling the time for the event run in accordance with the allocations set time.

MC was the one who 'introduced the speakers' (introducing of the speaker) or filler events before they appear on the podium and the introductory material to be conveyed.

MC was the first person, and the only person who is entitled to open the event or speak the "official" told the audience. Do not forget, because MC is the first person to speak in an event, the MC should introduce yourself to the audience. "Introduce yourself, even if you think everyone should know who you are," said in "Being a Master of Ceremony".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tips How to Choose a Healthy Vegetables

Tips How to Choose a Healthy Vegetables
Once the important benefits of vegetables for your health, but how to choose a healthy and fresh vegetables for your consumption. Here are some tips on how to choose healthy vegetables that may be useful.

Leaf vegetables
• the leaves are fresh, not blurry or not colored yellow.
• Healthy and intact leaves, no spots or holes.
• Not too old leaf texture indicated no clay.
• Bone leaves were evident.
• Trunk fresh leaves and easily broken.

Fruit Vegetables
• Fruit intact, not broken or bruised.
• The fruit does not look soft or rough, not watery, and do not decay.
• For tomatoes and peppers are fully ripe should be selected.
• As for vegetables, peas, long beans or green beans e.g., select a young, dark-green color of pods, the boundary between the seed pods have not looked at the clear, and the shape of cylindrical pods.

Tuber vegetables
• the skin is not bruised or injured tubers.
• No holes, no software, and not watery.
• To select a potato tuber is not notched.
• Garlic and onions, choose a not too dry, not too wet or fresh (not wrinkles).
• As for vegetables carrot type, selected the young, bright orange with a little more clearly visible white layer on the skin surface, the curve of the tubers had formed fine roots, and does not feel soft when held.

Edible flower
• for broccoli, choose a brightly colored flowers, not wilting, flower color (depends on variety), which are green, light green, purple or white. Flower heads are composed of bolls flowers in a compact, medium thick flesh flower stalks.
• For the cauliflower, select flowers that are still fresh. Cauliflower flowers composed of a series of small flowers have their own varieties. To the extent possible select the green stalks that are still young, short, finely fibrous, dense, thick and fleshy.

Young stem vegetables
• to select the asparagus, should be selected that are still green, fresh bamboo shoots, and large with a length of 25-35 cm.
• While selecting mushrooms. Choose mushrooms that its surface soft, clean / not many spots and is still intact / not clipped.


Glossary of words or meaning of Feng Shui

Let's try to review the study of Feng Shui that has been there. Feng Shui for Modern Thought has spawned a variety of methods and specific regulations. Some people prefer to apply a more traditional Feng Shui is based on history and tradition of ancient Chinese society.

There are also people who prefer to apply Feng Shui intuitive, more can be said as a result of development in modern times. Of Feng Shui are more override rules and traditions from the past and let their intuition as a major benchmark in the works. There is still debate about where Feng Shui is more precise, between the modern Feng Shui is too open, or traditional Feng Shui that is too rigid.

What is feng shui? Feng Shui is is one of the many ancient Chinese secrets. Literally, Feng Shui can be interpreted as "wind and water". Feng Shui is believed to be a science that builds harmony between the sky [astrological] and earth [geological], which will be used to obtain the virtues of life [Qi]. The Ancients believed that the Qi can be carried through the wind / air [Feng], and disseminated through it, but Qi will dissolve when brought into contact with water [Shui].

Furthermore, Feng Shui is known as a technique / method of settlement of buildings based on astronomy in order to maximize the ability of a person's life. But in the original, Feng Shui is a method for choosing where to live [live] and also select the area to cultivate profitable business, which in ancient times continued also to agriculture. Because, basically, choosing a good place to reside will have an impact on aspects of your life such as health, prosperity, romance, etc...

If you think it's just superstition, or even has a mystical power, try to think like this: If we believe that what we think is what will happen, then get rid of all superstition and such a statement. As an example of "walking under a ladder or saw a black cat will bring bad luck to you." It would not bring bad luck. But, if you believe that these things will bring bad luck to you, consciously or unconsciously you will attract bad luck that into you.

So, if you believe that the selection of residence and the election will affect your work on all aspects of life, so why not learn to apply the principles of Feng Shui into your life? Feng Shui is trying to eliminate all obstacles in our lives in a way that is very easy. You may need to rearrange your furniture placement, or maybe something like a crystal hung in the corner. Often, the actions you need to do are realistic / logical.

We give you an example, if you move a chair blocking the main door. It makes the room more energy, because the seats that inhibit the flow of energy have been removed. When you create positive energy that flows well, the flow of energy will be a benefit to you in various aspects in a positive way.

But, have you ever felt discomfort when in a room furniture placement is not well ordered? Or how the color of the room makes you feel depressed? With Feng Shui principles, you can overcome these obstacles with ease.

The flow of positive energy flowing in our house will soon affect our lives. The advantage that feels can take the form of improved health and relationships, developing creativity, reduced depression, feel more alive, feeling more secure, and also of course a better financial status.

Then, if Feng Shui can make you rich? I am sure, that life will not be as easy as that statement. But, definitely, if you apply Feng Shui in your life and supported appropriately concentrated thought, be assured that it can give a lot of changes in your life - one of them could mean an increase in your prosperity!

Some sources, books, certain websites stating that if you set Feng Shui in your life, then you will be successful. But Feng Shui is not just merely a matter of wealth. Feng Shui talks about creating an environment where positive energy can flow both in order to improve living standards in various aspects.

Feng shui will not bring negative influences into your life! This is definitely something, unless you mistakenly interpret the principles of Feng Shui into it. Or you need proper guidance to apply Feng Shui? You can contact the consultant for this issue. Have you ever heard statements like "the column / pillar that was in the middle of the hall / road [which cannot be transferred] will impede the flow of energy flowing, and can cause"?
Such stories can create misunderstandings if you’re wrong interpretation. If you are affected by these stories, you'll always picture with the problem. Mind will stimulate the body, which will affect your health!

Feng Shui sees us as one part of the universe. It means how you organize yourself and the environment in order to be with your life. If you follow the existing flow of energy in the universe, the harmony of your life was going to be running smoothly - in line with the universe.