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How to Indonesia using frangipani (Plumeria Acuminata)

Another name in Indonesia of frangipani is kamoja, samoja (Sundae), frangipani, Samboja, Semboja (Java), pandam (Minangkabau, campaka, campaka bukul, cempaka sabakal, cempaka ralja, nojha (Madura), Japanese flower (Bali), tintis, karasusi, koloyocucu, kolosusu, (North Sulawesi), interest lominate, (gorontolo) and interest jenem, south Sulawesi.

Frangipani with the Latin name of Plumeria acuminate is known as an ornamental plant.
Frangipani plant can reach six feet tall, has a hard woody stems, and branching a lot. Large main stem, while the younger branch of dim soft gummy. The leaves are oval shaped with pointed ends and a bit hard with the leaf veins are prominent. The leaves are green. Hcrbentuk frangipani flower horns, which appear at the ends of stems and the crown of five strands.
Frangipani not only grown as an ornamental plant, but can be used as a drug. In the sap of rubber contain similar compounds, triterpenolo amyrin and resin.
Usefulness of frangipani plants that can treat gonorrhea, skin disease yaws, restore swelling and ulcers.

How to Use frangipani plants used as traditional medicine are described below:
1. Gonorrhea (gonorrhea)
Materials treated! Ukan
1 piece root frangipani.
How to mix:
Materials are washed until clean and then boiled with water until boiling.
How to wear.
Water decoction drunk one time as many as one cup a day.
2. Ulcer
The first way
Materials required:
Frangipani leaves and coconut oil to taste.
How to mix:
Frangipani leaves soften and smeared with palm oil.
How to use:
Leaves are attached to parts of the abscess.
The second way
Materials required:
Sap frangipani
How to mix:
Take a frangipani sap from the tree.
How to wear.
Gum is directly applied to the part that boils.
3. Recovering swollen
Materials required.
A frangipani tree barks chips.
How to mix:
Material is crushed into powder and boiled with water until boiling kettle 0.5.
How to use:
Water decoction is used to soak the swollen body parts.
4. Yaws skin diseases (ulcer)
Materials required:
2 pieces of frangipani tree bark.
How to mix:
Material is crushed into powder and boiled with a kettle of water until boiling.
How to use:
Water decoction is used for bathing and rubbing the injured body part.

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Water decoction drunk one time as many as one cup a day. feng shui master