Saturday, April 3, 2010

Decorating Your House in Feng Shui

Here are some tips for decorating the space may be of interest to your style of feng shui:

1. Put sleep in the living objects in pairs to mark your wishes will be a lasting marriage. Do not put objects in number three that marks something else in between you and your spouse. If you and your partner fight a lot, get rid of the mirror or the mirror that is said to be close to double the negative energy.

2. Red color represents the strength, warmth and energy. But too much will cause the red color of the room and the events that took place in the room was not quiet.

3. For those who are still single, do not leave your bed attached to the wall. The bed should be accessible from both sides.

4. If you have many health problems, check the area to the left of the center of the entrance. Is there a dirty toilet seat, a messy closet or the trash. Cleaning this section and re-arranging may improve your health, and certainly not the reverse.

5. It is said also, should the toilet seat should always be closed when not in use so that, your money does not come "sucked" into exile.

6, In general, too much furniture and decorations and various items scattered about (the word: clutter, see picture below) is not recommended because it can impede the flow of energy and mengacakuan chance, in life, love and careers. Although for some people, a messy place reputedly even enhances creativity.

Clutter (Miscellaneous Goods Before (Left) and After (Right) arranged)

7. Make a space in front of the entrance is clean and harmonious. Because there is a career center and generally you need energy in order to get into the house with the current.

8. Colors in career areas should be black or blue. Blue or black on the floor or carpet in front of the entrance, supposedly able to expedite the flow of opportunity to get into the house as the water current.

For some people, Feng Shui for most people sound weird. But perhaps you can agree, a lot of Feng Shui can be accepted sense. Attention to balance, harmony, perspective and simplicity as a keyword in your life and in decorating the house, is not a good idea? So, there's no harm in trying.

How to Decorate Using Feng Shui Principles, By Walter Ford

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