Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Makeup based on Feng Shui

Makeup based on Feng Shui
In Chinese beliefs, feng shui is known as a custom layout and ordering systems associated with the space to create harmony with the environment. Makeup stylist on hand, Chenny Han, about daub, paint, and can be adjusted up one's face with feng shui.

Therefore, in early March this Chenny simultaneously launched three books that examine the intricacies of the A to Z about tricks or attempts to interrogate a customized makeup with aura and feng shui. The third book is Eye Make-Up Match Aura and Feng Shui, Make-Up Eyebrows under Aura and Feng Shui, and the last titled Lip Make-Up Match Aura and Feng Shui.

"There is a fundamental assumption that the Chinese believed until now about the grip and the aura of feng shui is instrumental in the success, efficacy, and the fortunes of a person. Feng shui has a balance in the body outside of oneself," said Chenny, who considers a person's face like a has a feng shui space and aura. To write a third series of the book, he is assisted by Bagja Estuary.

Chenny to his profession as a hair stylist and Makeup for a quarter century. During this profession, he absorbs an incredible experience. Like a surgeon, he found the customers or those who have various forms of facial makeup. For example, thick eyebrows had the impression ferocious, and shape the eyes indicate that people who fall down, then form a thick lower lip represents the type of person who liked to sneer.

"Just once exclaimed, truly God is everything to create a variety of face shapes. But with tricks which I reviewed in this book, may be a clue and help increase the confidence for the rest." In feng shui and aura, lips closely related to communication skills and maintain good relations, business, friendship, and romance. "In the cases I have encountered, forms less than perfect lips often creates a negative impression which affect the character of a person's self," said Chenny.

Indeed, reviews, peeling, tricks, tips, and share clues about the makeup is nothing new. In 2003, cosmetic Gusnaldi never published the book The Power of Make-Up. Then Adiyanto launch of The Make over Secrets of the Perfect Makeup, and Wawa Sugimurwati with the Lef and Miracle Make-Up Make-Up in 2008.

Wawa explained, the Lef Make-Up to review the basic science before makeup, such as determining the form of the face, the harmony of color, including a strategy for those who have a troubled face. The Miracle Make-Up makeup contains instructions arranged by theme, age, beauty tips and tricks as well as star-style.

Furthermore, the Wawa, which has a salon Sugi, explaining the presence of books written by experts or specialists to the general makeup is a positive step. He agreed with Chenny efforts, which share the ability through experience to provide or share your secret beauty tips and tricks for the ordinary people through books.

It becomes interesting and appropriate ways for the sake of closer world of beauty, not a necessity, but a lifestyle. "The more knowledge that is transmitted, we certainly would help people more intelligent and care about beauty, not merely the result, but a process,"

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