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Increase Energy Office Feng Shui style

Increase Energy Office Feng Shui style
Basically, feng shui is a science that studies how to place or position of all things, especially things, to influence the fortune and the comfort and security of person. Later, the science of China is increasingly popular in the community. Many believe, if you follow the rules of feng shui, and all things, ranging from health and fortune until a mate, will run smoothly. No wonder if the feng shui is often used as guidance in arranging the room in hopes of obtaining a fortune.

According to the science of feng shui layout of buildings and goods that are in the office can promote a company or even to make the company bankrupt. The main purpose of applying feng shui in the office is to maximize the positive energy to enhance productivity. No wonder that more and more companies are using feng shui techniques in their offices.

Moreover, many parties argued the application of feng shui to bring the same benefits in improving the situation of an office through the interior and exterior design. So there is no harm in considering the use of feng shui, in order to benefit from improvements made. Moreover, the comfort of an office due to the arrangement of the interior. From color selection to furniture.

This is justified by the feng shui Wempie Hadiwijaya Lie, in his opinion based on the science of feng shui is to place the seat back to the window may cause the person's energy to decrease.Besides, sharp objects, copier, and a drawer that is placed in the rear seats can also generate negative energy.

Men who frequently visited by leading employers each would establish an office to say, everyone has their own feng shui that are customized with shio, "feng shui can be useful for two things, namely for the career and personality. For his career point to strengthen the position in a fixed position for personal and can strengthen your relationships with others, especially in establishing business relations, "he said.

According Wempie there are many factors to consider when it will establish an office. Because of the good things in the office of internal and external, will determine both the company's progress and setbacks, feng shui has to be adjusted with the sign company owner who will build the office. In front of the building should be erected no elements such as police stations, courts, and houses of worship.
"Also avoid large billboard or a large tree in the front office, other than it must also be considered a watershed. Anyway, every building will look toward the water, because water is a vital source of life, "explained Wempie.

Noteworthy is also the main door wide placement must exceed the back door, because it affects the smoothness of the business income. Conversely, if the back door that looks wider than the main entrance, will experience the threat of loss of business.
Feng shui expert Rafael Effendy, explained feng shui has a great influence for the advancement of a company, "feng shui will usually lead to comfort, to reduce the problem and launch a business for business owners," he explained. The emergence of all this positive energy is possible by applying feng shui that right for the room. "Now because every form of the room raises the aura, if the line would sync and then sync if not inconsistent", experts pointed out the layout of the space that resides in Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten-Indonesia.

Now according to Rafael, who need to be considered in building a house or office such as land position, the character of consumers, building structure, location of buildings, laying of furniture or accessories, ceiling shape, and color of wall paint, and others.

Described by the man begat this one, the position of the land consists of form and character of its own. Character of the soil should be adjusted with the human character that consists of four elements or character of the land, fire, wind, and water. "When the soil cool character to be paired with elements of fire and vice versa if the character of the soil heat it must be with the character of human / water element ", he said.

Meanwhile, according to feng shui Hariadi, before setting their office interiors. It is better to calculate birth year prior owner. Only then customize the interior or the location of the office with the results of these calculations. That way, the office can come together and provide even better benefits to its owner.
If the office already exists, but is not in accordance with feng shui calculations owners. Business owners do not need to change the office total, but enough to change the direction of the entrance in accordance with feng shui calculations owners only. "It's all. After all we have to knock down ripe existing buildings, "he said.
In feng shui, the entrance to the company should not be dealing directly with the leaders of space companies. Because the potential to bring negative energy to the head of the company.

That is why before going into the den leader of the company should have the other room, let alone a personal secretary for management. The existence of the other room will prevent the negative energy to enter the room leader of the company.
Boundary between the living head of the company with employees should also be solid. So it does not allow employees to know the leadership of the company discussed in the room. It is important to eliminate the leaking of confidential office into the hands of people who are not responsible.

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